Cupcakes are out, kale is in for fundraising

SF Chronicle 

Kale Cupcakes | Courtesy of
Stevenson Elementary School students will turn their autumn harvest into cold hard cash Friday by selling off the school’s garden bounty.

The school’s first-ever farmers market offered to family and friends will offer baskets of strawberries and tomatoes for a reasonable 25 cents each as third graders give tours of the garden and plant seeds.
Money raised will go to the American Red Cross and the SPCA, school officials said.

While the Stevenson market is a small community event, the idea of selling school-grown produce is expected to, well, grow across California.

Gov. Jerry Brown signed a measure last week allowing all schools, rather than just officially  sanctioned instructional school gardens, to legally sell the produce raised — as long as all health laws are followed. The law kicks in on Jan. 1, 2013.