SFUSD's Future Dining Experience


Credit: Courtesy SFUSD & IDEO
Leave it to San Francisco to take the gustatory pleasure of kids seriously. In an effort to raise a cadre of happy, healthy, food-savvy eaters, the San Francisco United School District (SFUSD) switched to a new lunch provider last year. Oakland's Revolution Foods now serves up fresh meals cooked daily—no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives—to students in the district. Vegetarian pasta alfredo; nitrate-free burgers topped with hormone-free cheese—everything is far tastier than the dreaded “mystery meat” at other schools. Using pint-size consultants, and staffing up with employees (like Tunji Elegbede, pictured) who really care, the District has also developed “SFUSD's Future Dining Experience,” a plan to upheave the system with age-tailored approaches to eating: family-style meals for primary schoolers, mobile carts for middle schoolers, and online ordering for high schoolers. San Francisco, we salute you.