SF schools rolling out new Common Core math curriculum this year

All San Francisco Unified School District math teachers
will begin implementing the Common Core State Standards
curriculum for the first time this fall.
Math is about much more than just a right and wrong answer. And anyone can do it.

That’s what the more than 55,000 PreK-12 students at San Francisco’s 121 public schools will learn beginning this school year, when district officials say math classes are taught in a more hands-on, collaborative way than ever before.

It will mark the first time all 1,800 math teachers in The City will implement the Common Core State Standards curriculum, the first significant change to the San Francisco Unified School District’s math curriculum since 1997, said Lizzy Hull Barnes, the district’s mathematics program administrator.

“For a very long time we have been reinforcing that math is getting the right answer quickly,” Barnes said. “Kids associate being good with math with speed [and] computation, and mathematical reasoning is much broader and deeper than that.”

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