"We’re Not Interested in Pet Projects. We Know What We Need to Do to Educate Kids

Jon Steinberg | San Francisco Magazine, Photo: Ramin Rahimian
Photo: Ramin Rahimian

San Francisco's schools chief discusses tech money, suspensions, and winning parents' hearts and minds.

This is Think Tank an occasional series of conversations with Bay Area power players and newsmakers, conducted by San Francisco editors. Interviews have been condensed and edited for clarity.

Name: Richard Carranza
Job: Superintendent, San Francisco Unified School District
Age: 47
Residence: Ingleside Terrace

San Francisco: San Francisco’s public schools are getting stronger, but that hasn’t stopped a lot of people—one in four families, by some projections—from going private. Why?
Richard Carranza: People go by what they hear on the street. Somebody didn’t get their first choice in the assignment system, so all of a sudden the schools are bad. Or someone had a particularly bad experience with one class or one teacher or one principal or one superintendent, and then all of a sudden doesn’t want to be part of the whole system. That’s unfortunate. My job is to make sure that that unpleasant experience happens less.

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Jon Steinberg