SFUSD, teachers' union agree to pay raise

Lyanne Melendez | November 26, 2014 | ABC Ch. 7

Teachers in San Francisco expect to get a nice gift from the school district for the holidays. The district has agreed to a 12 percent raise over three years. The teacher's union was originally asking for a 20 percent raise

The tentative contract agreement is between the school district and the teachers union, United Educators of San Francisco.

"We make about one-third of what teachers make and teachers already don't have the biggest salaries and it's hard to live in the city," said paraprofessional educator Patrick Whelly.

The tentative agreement also includes giving paraprofessionals, who work directly with students with special needs, an additional 3 percent raise if they have worked at least eight years in the district. That brings their three-year salary increase to 15 percent.

"We've been very clear from the beginning and the union has been very clear that they wanted to do something for the paraprofessionals," said Superintendent Richard Carranza.

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