Everyone can code!

SFUSD students—from first grade all the way up to high school—set aside an hour (or more) to learn the basics of computer coding for Hour of Code, a global event to celebrate Computer Science Education Week. Younger students created Lightbot and Code Monkey games. At Thurgood Marshall High School, students enrolled in a game design class showed classmates what they’ve been learning all semester. This districtwide activity is one way SFUSD and our community partners are inspiring success in college and 21st century careers.

Even though it's not officially Computer Science Education Week anymore, anyone can still participate in Hour of Code. Try it out yourself with Code.org's Flappy Bird tutorial—no programming knowledge needed! 

We don't limit computer science education to an hour either. The Marshall High class is a two-semester program, and students also participate in events such as Game Design Night with Balboa High's game design class.