Back to School Night: Tips for parents

So, your children are settling in at school, but you don’t have a full picture of what the year will be like. Take advantage our Back to School Nights in September to get a glimpse of your children's school life and meet teachers, other parents and school staff. Check with your school to see when your Back to School Night is scheduled.

Visiting the classroom

Most common is a visit to your children's classrooms. Here’s an up-close chance to sit where they usually sit and get a feel for their school environment.

Teachers will introduce themselves and give an overview of students' daily routines, schedules, goals, and activities. You can discuss the homework policy, classroom behavior expectations, and any other important information, such as how to contact teachers or how your school uses School Loop. If your children have several teachers for different subjects, you will likely get their schedules and go from classroom to classroom throughout the evening, usually in the same order your children would.

Speak up!

At the end of each classroom visit, teachers will take questions you have about the world of the classroom.

Now's your chance to ask general questions about the class and clear up any confusions you might have. Keep in mind that this is not a good time to discuss your children's individual needs or progress—you will get plenty of one-on-one time for that at your upcoming parent/teacher conference. By then, teachers will know your children better, and you'll be able to get a more accurate sense of your children's progress.