Healthy and delicious holiday meals

Thanksgiving lunch at SFUSD
This holiday season, give thanks for family, health and good food. SFUSD is here to offer some tips for making your holidays happy and healthy:
  1. What’s just as wonderful as eating your holiday meal together? Cooking it together, too! Add some dishes to your holiday menus that are fun for the whole family to prepare, like mashed yams or potatoes and a veggie medley with beans or grains.

  2. Mix up traditionally heavy, starchy holiday sides with some crisp, fresh vegetables like lightly roasted broccolini or asparagus. A splash of soy sauce, balsamic vinegar or fish sauce adds a savory kick to their natural deliciousness.

  3. Celebrate Bay Area bounty this holiday season and give the gift of supporting your local community by using ingredients from local farmers’ markets and grocery stores. It is sure to bring the best flavors of the season to your table.

  4. Still working through your leftover turkey? Substitute this delicious, healthy protein in some of your favorite winter dishes like soups and moles, or use it as an added boost to salads.