New condom availability program for middle schools

As a part of our comprehensive health and sexual education program, the Board of Education unanimously approved an expansion of our successful high school condom availability program into middle schools on Feb. 23. This has generated much discussion in the press and with parents, and we want to reassure you that student safety is always our first priority.

Under the new policy, condoms will be available in middle schools, but only to students who consult with a school nurse or social worker. These professionals will counsel students on consensual behavior and the potential risks of having sex, including a reminder that abstinence is the only 100% effective method to prevent pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Research has shown that condom distribution and sexual education do not increase sexual activity, but they do increase condom usage.

Because of this, we see the expansion of the condom availability program as a part of our comprehensive sexuality education for all middle and high school students, which covers not only birth control and STDs, but also sexual orientation, gender identity, sexual harassment, and the importance of consent.