Spring break: take advantage of the city that is our ‘classroom’

For all the stress we can experience living in San Francisco, it’s nice to know that the city also one of the richest ‘classrooms’ in the world. You don’t have to be an expert in education to set up an field trip or two for your child over the spring break. The educational fun already set up for you and your child.

Take your little scientist to the Exploratorium. It’s known for an ongoing exploration of science, art and human perception in kid-friendly style.

If you have a kid who’s into bugs and wildlife, the Randall Museum is free and full of fun.

Want to see how much fun hands-on STEM learning is? Head to the Bay Area Discovery Museum (free day is first Wednesday of the month.)

Your young artist can make a day of it at the Children’s Creativity Museum, where kids get to imagine, create and share their works in a multimedia environment.

Got a history buff in the house? Check out our city’s rich sea-faring history at the Maritime Museum. Kids are free.

But what about old-school fun, for kids of all ages? The Musée Mécanique is full of hand-cranked musical instruments and penny arcade games from the early to mid-20th century. Admission is free, games are $0.25 or less.