Inclusive Schools Week 2017 poster contest winners

Congratulations to Ingrid Rosario (Wallenberg High), Jordan Jackson (Wallenberg High), and Jinghua Yu (Burton High) for winning the 2017 Inclusive Schools Week poster contest!

Stand up, sit tall for inclusion, Dec. 4-8 in front of tree with multicolored hands as leaves in front of San Francisco skyline and the Golden Gate Bridge with the silhouettes of people wearing shirts with the colors of the asexual pride, gay pride, lesbian pride, pansexual pride, and bisexual pride flags.
Ingrid Rosario, senior at Wallenberg High School

Stand up, sit tall for inclusion text in front of a drawing of a globe being held up with hands of different shades of brown, surrounded by a wheelchair, a rainbow pride ribbon, a person with a white cane, a hearing device, and the silhouette of a head with a pink brain
Jinghua Yu, senior at Burton High School

"Stand up, sit tall for inclusion, week of Dec. 4-8" overlaid on image of hands belonging to people of multiple ages and races holding up a globe.
Jordan Jackson, senior at Wallenberg High School