Preschoolers may feel light headed on roller coasters, but not from math

High school and preschool students participate in a roller coaster event to support making math fun
Students showcase their algebra skills using roller coasters at Lincoln High School.

By Gavin Liang
Lincoln High School student

On Tuesday, July 17, Algebra 2 summer school students taught Little Star’s preschoolers about polynomials at Abraham Lincoln High School through fun roller coaster activities with prizes. 

Students took a project-based learning approach when creating roller coasters with foams, tubes, and tracks, each represented by different polynomials. The focus was to make math more conceptual and collaborative, and to give early exposure to preschoolers.

After unveiling ticket curtains, children rushed to booths, where high schoolers held up bright-colored cards. Activities included roller coaster tube racing and playing a roller coaster creator game.

“I loved their [preschoolers’] reactions every time they see their favorite characters,” said MJ, a high school student in charge of the Desmos line Art Station.

Hear more from the students and teachers at the event: