Earthquake lessons and preparedness

Kids ducking under desks in earthquake drill
Photo from Gavin Newsom's office

Are you and your family prepared for an earthquake? It’s a question every San Franciscan should ask themselves, and pretty soon every seventh grade student in the San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD) will be asked that very question in their science class.

That’s because our new earthquake curriculum unit, “Geoscience Processes and Earth’s Surface,” is rolling out this semester as part of a collaboration between SFUSD and the San Francisco Department of Emergency Management.

The unit upholds a citywide effort to increase awareness of the potential impact of the next major quake to hit the Bay Area, and to build a culture of preparedness. Within the next 30 years in the Bay Area, there is a 72% chance an earthquake with a magnitude-6.7 will occur.

This earthquake unit is an excellent example of how we can make a scientific lesson apply directly to a student’s real-world experiences. In fact, all of our units are designed this way now that we have adopted the Next Generation Science Standards.

So, are you prepared for an earthquake? Check out for plenty of tips and inspiration.