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Meet Harry Jamerson

Harry Jamerson joined the SFUSD Pathway to Teaching program in 2017. Harry always knew he wanted to be in education, but he had not yet been able to make that leap without an affordable route to becoming a teacher. When his cousin stumbled upon some Pathway flyers, Harry finally was able to pursue the career he knew he was meant to have!

For the past two years, Harry has been teaching 4th grade at Sheridan Elementary School in San Francisco's Oceanview-Ingleside District. In this role, he is continually rewarded by the sense of resiliency he gets to witness in his students. He is motivated each day by the influence he has on his students, letting them know they can embrace school in a way that gives them an amazing experience, and guiding them to embrace challenges.

We are in this Together, and Our Attitude is Everything

In reflecting on the experience of kicking off his preparation as a teacher with a six-week summer program, which required careful financial planning, Harry shared, “Going without pay for six weeks in San Francisco can be daunting, but this is the pathway to your credential. Anything good requires great sacrifice. It’s not always easy, but our attitude sets so much.” Harry is continually driven by the students he serves, so keeping the kids at the forefront of his mind throughout his summer experience was important. “We are here for kids at the end of the day. That is essentially why we are in this: to educate children and give them tools to survive and thrive, especially here in San Francisco and in today’s world.”

The summer program is just the beginning, but there is so much you can learn from it with an open attitude; and you aren’t in it alone. You have your coach and your colleagues, who are all really invested in your success. When things get tough, you can find support in your coach and your cohort. Going through the Pathway program alongside a group of people on a similar journey has honestly been amazing. After two years, I still keep in touch with so many people in my cohort and it’s all love and positivity and excitement every time. It’s a bond you can’t really even explain. You meet genuine people and you find so much support within. To feel so surrounded by people who want to see me grow and do well is invaluable.

It's Not Just a Pathway, It's a Journey

Pathway is a journey. It’s not necessarily going to be a journey of perfection, there will be ups and downs, but there is a constant incentive to grow. This experience will force you to grow. It will bring you awareness and you will be able to reflect and be encouraged by people who want to see you inside the classroom along the way.

Children need strong educators who care about the future of our generation. We need teachers who believe in the mobility of our children, no matter their background. As a Pathway teacher, I was able to pursue this journey surrounded by people who were committed to serving our students. And that is what I truly believe kids need: great adults in their life to guide them, challenge them and give them the quality education they deserve.

Join Harry in making a difference in the lives of San Francisco's youth. Apply for the next cohort of SFUSD Pathway to Teaching. The final application deadline is February 18.