Digital Learning Day 2019

Three girls using Chromebooks and waving at the camera

On February 28, SFUSD educators and students participated in the national celebration of Digital Learning Day. School sites were encouraged to engage in two ways: showcase some of the work they’re already doing utilizing digital tools, or try out a tool that’s new to their class.

Over 50 schools immersed themselves in activities, lessons, and discussions around digital tools, and were supported by members of SFUSD’s Department of Technology. Elementary schools helped students create digital portfolios with Seesaw, boosted their coding and programming skills with Scratch and Bee-Bots, and learned how to access credible information online. Middle and high school students participated in lessons and activities around ethics in social media, set and recorded goals for projects using Google Keep, and reflected on how digital tools have impacted their learning.

Map showing schools across the city
All these schools participated in Digital Learning Day 2019

Students weren’t the only ones to benefit from Digital Learning Day. Teachers and parents engaged in workshops around the Google Suite of tools, shared experiences during presentations about digital balance and well being, and received professional development on subscription-based software tools such as RAZKids, BrainPop and IXL that are used throughout the academic day.

Across the district, teachers constantly reminded us that “every day is Digital Learning Day.” As access and training around digital tools become more prevalent in SFUSD, educators have been leveraging digital learning resources for tech-enabled pedagogical practices and strategies to engage students in deeper learning, empower student voices, and personalize instruction for our students in service of the Graduate Profile competencies and to allow equitable opportunities to learn with digital resources.

Educators across SFUSD have been reimagining time and space that thoughtfully incorporates the use of digital learning resources to personalize and differentiate student learning. As a district, we will continue to utilize digital tools to help students collaborate with peers, share ideas, embrace different perspectives, and celebrate educational innovation in SFUSD.

Take a look at some of what was happening around the district or check out the hashtags #DLDay and #WeAreSFUSD on Twitter: