Mentoring For Success

Mentors honored during Mentoring For Success 
Appreciation Dinner, January 2019.

Mentoring For Success (MFS) is SFUSD’s school-based mentoring program that matches K-12 students with highly qualified and committed mentors. Together, “matches” spend an hour every week engaging in 1-on-1 relationship-building activities such as preparing and sharing a meal, visiting a museum or reading a book together.

The goal of MFS is to provide students who have multiple barriers to success with a caring adult at school. The program cultivates collaborative school culture and climate that facilitates school belonging for all students by supporting enhanced professional capacity, individual guidance, transformative mindsets, and high-quality mentoring.

Mentors cultivate connections. This year’s theme emphasizes how mentors cultivate connections every day by focusing on intentional interactions with their mentee. Activities such as sharing a meal, listening without judging, creating common interests, and attending monthly events help foster strong relationships that students need in order to do well in school and life. 

Earlier this year, mentors of the program were acknowledged at a Mentor Appreciation Dinner where they received certificates for their service and the positive impact the program has had on mentees.

“Our goal is make sure that students succeed and thrive in the future. The number one thing that will make a difference in the child is if they have an adult that believes in them. We see the result of kids with mentors and how it has improved their attendance and their grade point average. More importantly, they improve the way they feel about themselves.” said Kevin Truitt, Chief of Student, Family and Community Support.

The program is completing its 11th school year this spring.

If you or someone you know is interested in mentoring, please visit for more information.