Emergency preparedness tips for back-to-school

Red emergency button
Photo from Martin Deutsch, CC BY-NC-ND

As we prepare for the new school year, we want to remind you of some helpful information to ensure you and your child are prepared in case of an unplanned event or emergency.

The district has a comprehensive crisis plan in the event of a school or citywide emergency. All schools have emergency response plans and teams as well and are expected to practice safety drills. If an emergency does occur at a school, we will notify parents as quickly as possible using a variety of means, including text, email and phone call.

Emergency Card

At the beginning of every school year you receive a lot of forms to fill out, including the Emergency Card. Please be sure to fill it out and return it to your school's office.

Air quality guide

SFUSD follows the Environmental Protection Agency's Air Quality and Outdoor Activity Guidelines for Schools based on the Air Quality Index (AQI) reported on AirNow.

Possible planned electric outages

Planned PG&E electric outages during the upcoming wildfire season may affect San Francisco. Impacts may include but are not limited to homes, businesses and public places without electricity and inoperable traffic signals and transit systems. Read more about how to prepare for an electric outage from the SF Department of Emergency Management.