School-Focused Resolutions for the New Year

It’s a new year and a good time to think about setting some fresh family goals.  Here are a few we’re working on in 2020.

Some goals as parents:

Encourage Kids’ Independence
Teach your kids to tackle some tasks themselves. As they master new skills or take on responsibility, they see themselves as being capable and this adds confidence.

Communicate with their Teachers
Communicating with your child’s teachers helps both you and their teachers support one another and your child.

Make time for Family Time
Whether it’s sitting down for a meal, getting out for a walk or hike, or reading together, every moment of family time counts. Check in with your child, share a few laughs and connect face to face. Make a point to listen more and talk less.

Unplug More
Set some firm rules on screen time and encourage outlets for fun and relaxation that don’t involve computers and television screens.

Sleep routine
Healthy sleep habits are essential for parents and children to promote general health and well-being.  Sleep patterns can have a direct impact on behavior and academic performance.

A little more kindness
Children learn most by watching their parents’ actions. Take every opportunity to show your children ways to be kind.

If you are a student - consider some of these goals: 

Connect more with your teachers
Don’t be afraid to approach your teachers if you have questions or concerns. Most teachers would prefer a chance to talk through your questions with you and to understand your concerns. 

Join a student organization or club
Getting involved is a great way to engage in your school and get to know your classmates.  It’s about new experiences and self-discovery and can also be a way to contribute to your community.

Stay Positive
After a break, it’s the perfect time to rethink how to make school your happy place.

Work smarter, not necessarily harder through better organization.

Balance a healthy diet and exercise
Food is a source from which people gain energy to boost brainpower and function.  Exercise promotes clear and positive brain function and supports a healthy immune system.

Mental Health, Stress, and Anxiety Management
The school year can be challenging, never feel embarrassed to reach out for help when needed.  Curb stress by taking breaks every few hours to unwind and refocus your mind. Prioritize your peace of mind and mental health. It’s okay to seek out help from others too.

Are there other school-related resolutions you are working on in 2020? 
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