SFUSD Teacher Appreciation Week

“It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.” – Albert Einstein

This spring SFUSD invited community members to share something about their favorite teachers. Below are some of the appreciations shared with us. 

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Suzann Baldwin
Teacher, Abraham Lincoln High School

"Ms. Baldwin has had such a positive impact on my learning life at school. Not only to me, but she has taught some of my siblings as well 6 years before me. She is an excellent teacher that has never let any student down & has amazing lessons, her way of teaching is speechlessly extravagant.  She always encourages everyone to try their hardest and has always used the best methods to teach.

I took her AP Spanish class and she made that experience amazing. She constantly helped us improve our skills & never gave up. Our whole class passed the AP test, which is amazing to me.

She is great, everyone that has taken her class cannot simply forget about her. She made an impact on all of our lives and has always taught Spanish like no one else. She focuses very well on helping improve skills & finding out how as well."

Stephanie, Student

Sohum Bhatt
Teacher, Raoul Wallenberg High School

"In the dozen years, our daughter has been an SFUSD student she has never had a better teacher than Mr. Bhatt. He truly stands out and the students notice!

His AP Chemistry class is difficult and vigorous.  He speaks with each student to make sure they know he sees their progress and not just the results of the latest test. His expectations are clear and fair.  He takes time to get to know his students and to encourage them to be curious, to take risks, to meet deadlines, and grow.  He presents the subject matter in a variety of ways so that different types of learners have access to the information.

We are so lucky to have him in our district and our school!"

Jennifer, Parent

Gloria Carrillo
Claire Lilienthal Elementary School

"You are a phenomenal teacher on so many levels. You truly care about each and every child who attends Claire Lilienthal. You're not afraid to try new things and you believe that each and every child is capable of learning and knowing more! You go above and beyond and it does not go unnoticed."

Dr. Zacharakis, Principal

Francisco Middle School

"Francisco Middle School is a rare gem of a school nestled at the base of Coit Tower, a fitting symbol of those who gave their lives for others. At Francisco teacher’s are constantly rising above to support our whole community.

A Go Fund Me page was created and has raised over $26,000 to support families in need.  Working with our Beacon Staff, Admin, and other teachers, they have been on the frontline volunteering to pass out gift cards to Safeway and keeping open the food bank at Francisco. Additionally, during the first week of the pandemic when our students were struggling at home teachers stepped in to get laptops and iPads to our students ensuring that they would have the technology they needed. This year I will be retiring, and this retirement is bittersweet because I have been blessed to work with this incredible group of people, this community we call Francisco."

Marna, Teacher

Geraldine Frye
Teacher, Ulloa Elementary

"Ms. Frye was my son's third-grade teacher and she is the quintessential hidden gem at Ulloa.

Her teaching style was creative and the subject matter was challenging. She made sure to treat the students as individuals and catered towards their specific needs in the classroom. Ms. Frye pointed out exactly what aspects of my son were his assets and where he needed improvement. She was patient and considerate towards all kids and made sure to include fun activities along with serious learning experiences.

Ms. Frye ensured that she evaluated my son every day and rated his daily tasks diligently. She did not miss a single instance and actually made time to frequently provide constructive feedback. My son believes that she made the most significant impact on his learning abilities. I want to express sincere thanks to such an invaluable teacher and mentor at Ulloa."

Pranathi, Parent

Sarah Guido
Teacher, San Francisco Public Montessori School

"Ms. Sara is a shining star.
She always wanted to be a teacher.
Following the footsteps of her father, a teacher, and her mother, a pediatric dental hygienist.
She makes wonderful lemonade on hot days.
She’s kind and caring; firm and funny.
Best of all she listens.
We’re lucky she’s our Ms. Sara."

Schauleh, Parent

Aurora Hernandez
Teacher, San Miguel Early Elementary School

"I’d like to recognize our wonderful, unique, and hardworking teacher, Aurora Hernandez from San Miguel EES. As everybody knows she is participating in the partnership between SFUSD and Channel 2 plus, but what makes Teacher Aurora wonderful and unique is the way how she goes above and beyond doing her own duties as a teacher, and helping her colleagues to excel when they are having a hard time getting the job done. She puts her work aside to support her peers."

Marta, Teacher

Jonathan Jacobson
Teacher, Willie Brown Middle School

"Mr. Jacobson is an extremely dedicated computer science teacher who strives to include all of his students and help them excel.  He consistently devotes his personal time to helping the most troubled kids in the school and started a Magic the Gathering club to create a safe place for all kids to hang out, make friends and learn new skills (interpersonal, reading, leadership, kids teaching their peers, etc.).  He is truly passionate and makes a real difference in the kids' lives."

Sarah, Parent

John Muratet
Teacher, Harvey Milk Civil Rights Academy

"We knew that Mr. Muratet was a good teacher before the COVID-19 shelter-in-place began. Now, 6 weeks into the quarantine, Mr. Muratet has continued to provide our son with a great 4th grade experience; his hard work and strong teaching has continued without interruption. Mr. Muratet's commitment to connecting with students as consistently as possible while we're all "stuck inside" has been a huge source of support for our son during this difficult time. Morning check-ins, lessons, lunchtime "office hours"--all of these video-centered interactions have been great for our son, academically, socially, and emotionally.

Mr. Muratet always makes himself available when we have questions about academics, math strategies (!), extra resources, etc. Even when discussing "areas for improvement," Mr. Muratet keeps the conversation positive and strengths-based. Thank you, Mr. Muratet, for your hard work throughout this one-of-a-kind school year!"

Cory, Parent

David Reiss
Claire Lilienthal Elementary School

"You care about kids above all else. Your number one goal each and every day is to ensure that students are learning. This does not go unnoticed. You build relationships with your students and you are invested in their progress. Thank you for your investment in teaching and learning."

Dr. Zacharakis, Principal

Matthew Reynolds
Claire Lilienthal Elementary School

"You love math, and you love teaching math to your 7th and 8th-grade students. This does not go unnoticed. You are thorough and considerate when planning and delivering lessons. Thank you for being a conscientious and committed educator."

Dr. Zacharakis, Principal

Becky Rogers
Claire Lilienthal Elementary School

"Thank you for being you. The grace and excellence that you bring to teaching is commendable. You have high standards for each and every child. You meet students where they are at and set high learning goals. Thank you for bringing all that you do to your classroom and the teaching profession."

Dr. Zacharakis, Principal

Alyssa Salcido
Daniel Webster Elementary School

"Ms. Salcido has always been a warm and caring teacher but particularly during this difficult time of COVID-19 she has shown exceptional diligence and leadership.

As soon as the notice to close schools was issued, Ms. Salicido immediately made educational resources available, not just for her class but for the whole of the 1st grade in English and Spanish. I have been constantly impressed with her work to ensure our class is enabled for distance learning and extremely grateful for the stewardship she continues to provide to families and the school community, doing so with a warm and calm manner which is greatly reassuring and makes the uncertainty of this time so much easier to bear.

She deserves every recognition and gratitude for helping our community bond and manages together."

Kirsten, Parent

Marissa Stone
Teacher, Jean Parker Elementary School

"I wanted to give a shout out to Marissa Stone at Jean Parker Elementary for being so patient and showing so much kindness and grace in the midst of a stressful situation. I learned so much by working with her and watching her stay so calm and consistent in using behavior management strategies. Your students are so lucky to have you, Marissa!"

Greg, Safe and Supportive Schools Coach

Linda Tong
Teacher, Hillcrest Elementary School

"Ms. Linda K. Tong is the most amazing teacher I have ever met.  My daughter loves being in her class, as well as her classmates.  Not only is Ms. Tong extremely knowledgeable in her teaching skills, but she even manages to turn not-so -disciplined kindergartners into great first graders.  She encourages open conversations with her kids and makes learning fun by providing interactive games and activities.  She makes the kids feel welcome and excited about learning.  The kids also feel important, listened to, and cared for in her class.  Ms. Tong would be a great role model and/or mentor for young adults, who are working on becoming teachers.  Honestly, great teachers are really hard to find, and being able to get kids to want to learn and be in school is an A+ plus.  We really appreciate having Ms. Tong as a teacher.  She is wonderful, awesome, magnificent!  Thank you."

Phuong, Parent

Kelly Tucker
Teacher, Sunnyside Elementary

"Her passion for teaching and her creativity always inspires me.  She does the same for her students.

With attention to the smallest of details, Ms. Tucker does an amazing job of presenting a sense of wonder for her classroom and school community.  Each year she takes time to develop a space that is a joy to behold - full of her students' artwork - it has such personality and it's the direct result of Ms. Tucker's approach to tapping into her student's love of art and all things creative.

Whenever I need a dose of "happy" I try to visit Ms. Tucker's room.  She always offers a truly reflective and positive perspective on the challenges we often face as public educators.

I've always been impressed by how she meets challenges head-on and manages difficult situations with energy, enthusiasm and a genuine effort to learn.

She's an inspiring colleague and it's an honor to appreciate her!"

Steven, Teacher

Cynthia Vaughn
Teacher, Rooftop Elementary School

"Throughout all my schooling (including grad school), and my children's education both at Rooftop and local private schools, I have never seen a teacher who is so perfectly suited for what she/he is doing, and who is like a maestro with her students.  Over the several times I have been in Ms. Vaughn's class, I was amazed not simply with her deep and sincere love for the children, which a lot of teachers have, but more so with how she conducted her class like a symphony.  She had the right tone, the temperament, and the right cadence.  She split her teaching time brilliantly into equal doses of leaning, limits, and laughter.  The children all learned, laughed, and loved her - and so did we.  

You probably need to ask her, but I'd suggest filing her at work.  Both to inspire current teachers, and to inspire children to become teachers - like her."

Chris, Parent