What Digital Agency Means

We recognized Digital Agency Week (formerly known as Digital Citizenship Week) from October 19-23, 2020, but being a Digital Agent is important all year round -- in and out of the classroom.

Digital Agency empowers SFUSD students, staff, and families to navigate and evaluate digital spaces, leveraging resources adeptly and responsibly in order to develop the skills & competencies of the Graduate Profile. Examples of Digital Agency include protecting personal information and data privacy; considering the benefits and risks of online sharing; and playing the active role of upstander to build positive, supportive online communities. It also includes balancing our media and sources of information.

Digital Agency focuses on maintaining the safety, security and well-being of SFUSD students, which is essential to creating opportunities for effective teaching and learning for every student, every day. The learning we facilitate for students must also give them the tools to thrive in college and career, and also in interactions that are increasingly digital.

SFUSD has created Digital Agency guides by grade-level span to help teachers launch Digital Agency lessons relevant to distance learning in virtual environments. Teachers are encouraged to use the curriculum to lay a foundation of Digital Agency, and follow up on pertinent topics as needed. The learning guides dive into the following topics:

  • Media Balance and Well-Being

  • Privacy and Security

  • Digital Footprint

  • Relationships and Communications

  • Cyberbullying, Digital Drama, and Hate Speech

  • News Media and Literacy

Students also have the opportunity to interact independently with age-appropriate Bitmoji Classrooms around each of these topics. Families are encouraged to participate with their students as they learn about and respond to various digital dilemmas and current events. 

Feeling artsy? The Digital Agent Doodle Design Challenge is accepting ongoing submissions for students to design their own digital agent to be featured on SFUSD’s Digital Agency website and possibly even on SFUSD’s TV show SF Loves Learning. Doodles and digital artwork welcome!

Learn more and get resources about Digital Agency at SFUSD.