Enhancing Distance Learning

As we continue planning for a safe return to in-person learning, SFUSD is also working to enhance the distance learning experience for students and staff. Some of this work includes implementing lessons designed using culturally and historically responsive frameworks; increasing access to Ethnic Studies, Black Studies, and Mastering Cultural Identity courses and lesson planning based on culturally and historically responsive frameworks; offering intervention classes at middle and high schools; and offering more robust coordinated care teams and wraparound services for students.

The District has also prioritized listening to and learning from students through surveys and focal groups. For instance, in response to students asking for more opportunities to talk to peers, the District will have trained support staff and paraeducators assist teachers with breakout rooms and small group support.

SFUSD has deepened partnerships with various community-based organizations to further the learning goals of focal students. Teachers are seeking and finding alternate ways to engage students in collaborative learning tasks. There continues to be a growing use of data collection and data-driven inquiry that has informed site leaders’ actions and resource allocation.

Tell us about your distance learning experience by emailing newsline@sfusd.edu.