Resources for Families to Address Anti-Asian Violence

The pandemic has brought a lot of pain and suffering for many, and with it conspiracy theories scapegoating the Asian community for the COVID-19 pandemic, which unfortunately have been embraced in many areas of the country and have resulted in the rise of anti-Asian violence.

“We cannot be silent about the scapegoating of the Asian community. We have to stand together against violence perpetrated against any member of our community, and right now there is an increase in violence against our Asian brothers and sisters. It is unacceptable and we must recommit ourselves to creating safe communities for each and every person,” said Superintendent Dr. Vincent Matthews.

SFUSD has shared resources with educators to navigate conversations with students about anti-Asian violence. In the following video, Principal Victor Tam from Edwin and Anita Lee Newcomer School urges school leaders to consider how the rise in violence against Asian American/Pacific Islanders in the U.S. during COVID-19 impacts their students and families -- and how to respond as a leader in the community. Also included in the video are resources for responding to bullying, bias, and violence against Asian Americans from ColorĂ­n Colorado.

SFUSD's TV show for Pre-K to 2nd grade students SF Loves Learning has shared a resource called SFLL United Against Racism Return to School, videos from the show that offer information, skills, and support for students preparing to return to school in the context of racism in our country.

Here are some selected resources from Parents for Public Schools SF for families to support conversations with their children.

Here are more resources from the San Francisco Education Fund, including resources on learning more about Asian-American history.