Physiology Students at The Academy - SF at McAteer Create Innovative Face Masks With Mentors

Students in Kristin Antonio’s Physiology class at The Academy - SF at McAteer have created face masks in partnership with professional mentors from IDO (Industry Design Outreach, Inc). IDO is also providing free toolkits and industrial design curriculum for students to create innovative 3D objects.

The Reveal Face Mask project introduces students to functional, cultural and historic aspects of masks. Professional designers mentor and work with teams of three students to design an innovative mask using Zoom and student portfolios to display their creative design processes.

Students are inspired through architectural forms to create a mask. They focus on building an influence map, creating 2D ideation sketching, and evolving their concepts through 3D experimental prototyping.

Taught in partnership with the physiology class, the project intertwines IDO’s learning outcomes with lessons in the respiratory and cellular systems. Students formalize their work into an online portfolio which can be used to apply to higher education design, engineering, science, and art programs.

“I am interested in using and being around color,” says student Connie Loi. “I discovered that I am more creative than I think I am. I am proud of being able to do something new (create masks and experiment with the materials).”

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