SFUSD Celebrates Transgender History Month

Today, August 24, San Francisco city leaders declared August as Transgender History Month. San Francisco is the first city nationwide to honor the 55th anniversary of the 1966 Compton's Cafeteria Riots, which occurred in the Tenderloin neighborhood, marking the beginning of transgender activism in San Francisco.

It’s no secret that SFUSD is a leader in celebrating diversity, and our schools have also been nationwide leaders in creating welcoming and affirming education. Here are some of the efforts SFUSD has made to affirm the rights and dignity of our transgender and nonbinary students.

In 2003, SFUSD became the first school district in the country to pass a policy extending safeguards to our transgender students. This policy has served as a model for school districts throughout the state and the country, acknowledge and protect the rights of our transgender students.

A highlight of our work is the Queer and Trans Advisory Council (QTAC), a group of LGBTQ+ high school student leaders from across SFUSD that advise staff on how the district can best support all students and how we can partner together to create schools where Trans and Nonbinary students can thrive. Cynthia, a QTAC leader from Thurgood Marshall High reminds us: “Most teens are living in an environment that may not be the most welcoming, and by making sure that every LGBTQ+ student is celebrated, we can show them that there is still support outside of their home environment.

SFUSD is committed to celebrating Transgender History Month through small student groups, like Genders & Sexualities Alliances and QGroups, inclusive lessons, read alouds and ensuring that each classroom affirms the stated names and pronouns of all students.

One of our core values is being student-centered. We welcome the entire student, which includes race, class, immigration status, gender, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation and ability. It is our belief that the complement of students, including our transgender and nonbinary students, enrich our schools and deserve the same access and affirmation as any other student. We stand in solidarity with transgender communities and encourage districts throughout the United States to do the same.

For more information about SFUSD LGBTQ Support Services, visit www.sfusd.edu/lgbtq.