National School Principals Day at SFUSD


National School Principals' Day is celebrated on May 1 annually to recognize the importance of principals, from elementary to high school, and all the work they do for the betterment of our schools. School principals create a supportive learning environment where all students graduate with the skills and confidence to achieve their goals in college, a career, and life. We’re thankful for all of our principals at SFUSD!

To support new principals at SFUSD, the district offers the Transformative Leadership for Equity and Excellence (TLEE) program. TLEE Program is a leadership support pipeline within SFUSD designed to attract, develop, and retain the highest quality school leaders. In this program for all new principals and assistant principals, we develop leaders’ skills on 11 essential leadership priorities that SFUSD has determined are necessary for transformative school leadership through monthly full-day professional development sessions and 1:1 leadership coaching. Leaders also go on an annual summer retreat for professional learning and to develop community.

Since the quality of school leadership is integral to student achievement, it is imperative that we hire, train, support, and sustain a school leadership force that has the right skills to transform San Francisco’s schools into places where all students are loved, feel like they belong, and achieve. If leaders engage in rigorous and personalized support and development during their first several years in an administrative role, they will thrive and be effective in transforming their schools into places where ALL students learn and achieve.

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