SFUSD Career Pathways Students Celebrate Year-End Learnings and Projects

It’s a wrap for the 2021-2022 school year and the SFUSD Career Pathways programs successfully held capstone events to present their learnings over the last year and engage the community in interactive activities. In April, June Jordan Career Pathways students held their Cue Up the Community Student Showcase featuring live music, herbal remedies, graphic design projects, and a bike-powered smoothie machine.

June Jordan students in the Arts, Media, and Entertainment Pathway shared mock album covers in collaboration with the Music Tech and Production Pathway.

June Jordan students in the Health Science Medical Tech Pathway created herbal remedies from the school garden and sold them.

In May, Hilltop, Balboa, and Mission held their capstone events. At Hilltop, the Multimedia Arts Pathway sketched, 3D-printed, and hand-crafted jewelry designs and built a marketing campaign and website and hosted an open-air market to test their entrepreneurial skills. 

Media Arts students at Hilltop created handcraft jewelry.

At Balboa, the Game Design Academy shared 3D video game prototypes. The Wilderness Arts and Literacy Collaborative shared their findings from their year-long project working with the Exploratorium and California Academy of Sciences; and the Law Academy identified existing community issues, such as toxic waste in Hunter’s Point, and worked with their lawyer and SF Civil Grand Jury capstone mentors to research the topic and present findings and recommendations. 

The Balboa Law Academy presented findings on community issues in SF.

And at Mission, highlights included the Fire Science and EMT Pathway students performing demonstrations of their first aid skills and the Urban Agriculture Pathway showcasing their work with the Mycelium Youth Network.

This week, the Green Academy at Lincoln held their Green Design Showcase capstone event at Gensler Architectures. Eleventh graders in the class who studied green spaces and urban planning presented their sustainable design and architecture projects using 3D models and display boards. Throughout the year, the class has listened to guest speakers and went on field trips for inspiration and to prepare for their projects. Projects addressed issues relevant to San Francisco such as needs for unhoused people, unwanted animals, and health care for all.

Students and community members take a look at projects at the Green Design Showcase, the Lincoln Green Academy's capstone event.

Congratulations to our Career Pathways students and staff on a great year and thank you to our community partners for all of their support!