Thurgood Marshall Academic High School Prepares Students with College and Career Week and Summer Opportunities Fair

Thurgood Marshall Academic High School’s primary focus is on preparing students for life after high school and becoming healthy, productive adults. In support of this mission, the school recently hosted a College and Career Week packed full of activities and opportunities to help students think about and plan for their futures.

A Career Day presentation

Career Day: Marshall welcomed over 40 professionals representing a diverse array of industries, including small business owners, software engineers, lawyers, aestheticians, project managers, CEOs, jewelers, and real estate agents. Guests shared about their roles and their paths to their current positions and students had the opportunity to network with them and ask questions.

College Tours: Ninth graders took a tour of Cal Maritime, 10th graders took a tour of Stanford, and 11th and 12th graders visited the Treasure Island Jobs Corp program. These trips built off the college tours students took in the fall. In the fall, 9th graders visited UC Santa Cruz, 10th graders visited UC Davis and Sacramento State, 11th graders visited Cal State East Bay, and 12th graders visited SF State, CCSF, and Skyline College.

Thurgood Marshall HS ninth graders visit Cal Maritime

Educational Journeys: Marshall teachers and staff made Educational Journey posters that they posted in front of their workspaces. Throughout the week, students have been working on an 'Educational Journeys Scavenger' hunt during passing periods and lunch to learn more about their teachers and staff and some of the highlights and challenges they faced along the way in those journeys.

Marshall HS staff created and displayed Educational Journey posters detailing their postsecondary experiences

Trades Day: College and Career Week closed out with Trades Day! Representatives from several different trade unions and programs came out to share more about what a trade is and the benefits of considering a career in the trades.

Marshall also recently hosted a Summer Opportunities Fair. Over 40 summer programs, including paid internships, early college opportunities, and community based organizations, were represented. Students were able to sign up to visit two different groups where they received small group presentations from partners before visiting them during a tabling event at lunch. As a follow up to the Summer Opportunities Fair, all teachers and staff are case managing a small caseload of students and are responsible for helping students sign up for or apply to the summer opportunities so that no one falls through the cracks and every Marshall student can have a productive summer plan that includes beefing up their resumes, learning more about themselves, and discovering different opportunities for their future.