Monday, June 28, 2010

Al lends a hand in San Francisco

With the hard-hit economy, many Americans are in need of a little help this year. That's why TODAY's Al Roker is packing up the Penske truck once again to hit the road for the annual "Lend a Hand" trip.

Serious talks about later school hours for HS kids

We told you that city high school students have been deemed “not morning people” by Board of Education members, who proposed changing the school day to begin one hour later.

Read more at the SF Examiner.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

San Francisco Schools Prepare to Implement More Budget Tightening

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SFUSD cuts could impact gains

City schools will have fewer school days, programs, teachers and administrators, reducing their chances of maintaining the steady improvements made in recent years.

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SFUSD Cuts Mean a Shorter School Year

SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) -- The school year in San Francisco just got four days shorter. The school board, Tuesday night, voted unanimously to pass a $578 million budget that makes up for a $113 million deficit.


San Francisco school board OKs layoffs, cuts

San Francisco school board members cited heavy hearts as they voted unanimously for a budget that bridges a two-year $113 million spending gap with a long list of cuts and layoffs across schools and district departments.

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Friday, June 18, 2010

Man charged with raping step-granddaughter

(06-17) 20:26 PDT SAN FRANCISCO -- A 68-year-old man was arraigned Thursday on seven felony counts for allegedly raping his 8-year-old step-granddaughter at a San Francisco elementary school, District Attorney Kamala Harris said.

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Friday, June 11, 2010

Relative held in girl's molestation at school

(6-11) 12:23 PDT SAN FRANCISCO -- A man wanted for allegedly assaulting his step-graddaughter at her San Francisco elementary school in an attack that was captured on video was arrested Thursday night, police said.

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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Teacher Layoffs

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Proposition A: Schools Tax Renewed for Two Decades

SAN FRANCISCO - A special property tax to fund capital improvements for SFUSD - including seismic work, fire and safety upgrades, and other maintenance - was approved.

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SFUSD Tries to Curb Truancy at Elementary Level

SAN FRANCISCO - High absenteeism in elementary schools has come into focus as the San Francisco Unified School District loses hundreds of thousands of dollars each year in state funding.

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SFUSD: Furlough Days Next Year Will Give Students Four Long Weekends

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Monday, June 7, 2010

Nutritious Food to be Rolled Out Across SF District

San Francisco Unified School District is rolling out a new plan this coming school year that will allow all students access to healthier, more balanced meals regardless of their family income level.

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Police Alert Border Patrol in Search for Elementary School Sexual Assault Suspect

San Francisco police are stepping up efforts to locate a 68-year-old man believed to have sexually assaulted his 8-year-old step-granddaughter at her school Thursday.

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Educators Are Opposed to Obama’s School Plan

When Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger announced last week that California was submitting a new bid for hundreds of millions of dollars in financing under President Obama’s education initiative, Race to the Top, he could not resist a Hollywood joke.

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Proposed law would make 4-year-old kids wait to start school

See Dick wait to start kindergarten. Wait, Dick, wait.

A bill pending in the Legislature would force 4-year-olds to wait a year for kindergarten, a measure aimed at helping kids get ready for the rigors or reading, writing and 'rithmatic.

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Hey Teachers! Leave Those Kids Alone When They Ask to Use Restroom

Schoolchildren in The City who need to use the restroom during class shouldn’t be barred or delayed from doing so, praised or academically rewarded for not doing so, or made to say what exactly they plan to do in the bathroom, according to a new Board of Education proposal.

Read more at the SF Examiner.

School Furloughs Mean Four Longer Weekends

SAN FRANCISCO — In an announcement that likely received cheers from students and jeers from parents, the San Francisco Unified School District has chosen four days next school year in which schools will be shut down to save money.

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Friday, June 4, 2010

San Francisco teacher to bike to Washington, DC to improve public schools

Kelly Clark, a teacher from Harvey Milk Civil Rights Academy, is biking for education. The fifth grade teacher will pedal 3,200 miles to Washington, D.C., where she will advocate for public education and the need to make it a national priority. On her 44-day bike trip, she will tap people for new and fresh ideas on how to improve public schools. She leaves on the last day of school — June 4. Watch her journey across the country at:

High school interns still looking for summer jobs

SAN FRANCISCO — After the final school bell rings today, some students in The City will be eager to forgo summer rest for internships at local businesses.

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Five Hundred Students Help Clean Up SF's Ocean Beach

Bay Area students are gathered on SF's Ocean Beach with a special message on International Ocean Day.

See coverage KGO-TV coverage here.

Grandfather Wanted in Videotaped Sexual Assault

A $2 million arrest warrant has been issued for a man wanted on suspicion of sexually assaulting a young family member on the campus of Sanchez Elementary School, according to a police spokesman.

See KTVU coverage here.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

For SF Parents, Open Enrollment Yields Hope, Then Exasperation

It was the first morning of June in San Francisco, but the men at the head of the line were standing glumly in their winter jackets, cupping their coffees, their beanies pulled low.

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Garcia helps form Race to the Top application

San Francisco school chief Carlos Garcia has been skeptical in the past about accepting federal money if it means that city schools would have to adhere to prescriptive federal reform measures.

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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

SF school district cracking down on address fraud

SAN FRANCISCO — Parents who lie about where they live to send their kids into public schools in The City are being caught at a greater rate and shelling out for hefty fines as the result of a heightened crackdown on address fraud.

Read more in the San Francisco Examiner.